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Bloody Trampoline

Bloody Trampoline
By admin, August 19, 2010 3 Sponsored Reviews

Bloody Trampoline for iPhone and iPod Touch is a new arcade addiction you were waiting for. It gives you that crazy feeling of “one more time” you love. Bloody Trampoline sports five different persons to bounce and score points: casual… Read More »

Argo Buggy Vs Warthog

Argo Buggy Vs Warthog
By AkumaTh, August 19, 2010 32 Mecha

Suggested by Eric Gigliotti Rules of the Match: -6 of each vehicle enter in a competition: -1 on 1 in a Demolition Derby. -2 on 2 in an obstacle course (rough terrain, water, jumps, etc). All the while there are… Read More »

Angel of Death

Angel of Death
By admin, August 18, 2010 30 Gallery

Submitted by Rorschach Related Posts: Console Wars Veteran Pins Frozen Han Solo IPhone Cover Optimus Prime Stormtrooper R.I.P. Outcast

Roy Mustang Vs Azula

Roy Mustang Vs Azula
By Syncourt, August 18, 2010 160 Duels

Suggested by Syncourt Making his debut on FactPile – Hailing from the Full Metal Alchemist universe is Roy Mustang, while Azula, comes from the tv show Avatar: The Last Airbender. At first glance, we have two incredibly similar combatants facing… Read More »

Halo: Reach ViDoc – A Spartan Will Rise

Halo: Reach ViDoc – A Spartan Will Rise
By admin, August 18, 2010 40 Video Game Trailers

Thanks to omega-88 and hotshot for the link! (They both sent them in at just about the same time!) Related Posts: Halo Reach Deliver Hope Trailer [HD] Halo Reach Multi-player Trailer Nippon Ichi vs Halo Master Chief Vs Mister Freeze… Read More »

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Interview

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Interview
By admin, August 17, 2010 24 Media

Thanks to Locutus for the link. Related Posts: What If…Space Marine squads were sent to Earth? Warhammer 40K Space Marines Trailer Kharn the Betrayer Vs Lobo Yhorm the Giant vs Avatar of Khaine Vampire Gauntlet Competition

The Rock Vs Shawn Michaels

The Rock Vs Shawn Michaels
By Syncourt, August 17, 2010 45 Celebrities

Suggested by JerkwithNoName We have here two tested and tried wrestlers.  As everyone knows who Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is, Shawn will be a formidable opponent. We’ll let the readers decide, who will win? Related Posts: Conan vs Hercules Dracula Vs… Read More »

Killing Floor Specimens Vs Left 4 Dead Zombies

Killing Floor Specimens Vs Left 4 Dead Zombies
By Syncourt, August 17, 2010 75 Group Combat

Suggested by Syncourt Here we pit two zombie-esque franchises together, from the more well-known Left 4 Dead against its earlier and more ‘indie’ counterpart, Killing Floor. With such similar creatures, who can claim to be tougher? Related Posts: Master Chief Versus… Read More »

Halo Reach: Reflection Map Game Footage

Halo Reach: Reflection Map Game Footage
By admin, August 16, 2010 28 Media

Dammit Bungie (or should I say 343 Studios) everytime I want to get away from Halo, you guys show something off that brings me back. Related Posts: Noble Team & Master Chief Vs Cobra Unit Halo Reach Fails at Everything……. Read More »

Kratos Vs Darth Bane

Kratos Vs Darth Bane
By AkumaTh, August 16, 2010 177 Duels

Match Suggested by Fooby In one corner, from the God of War Series, Kratos! And in the other corner, from the Expanded Universe of Star Wars, Darth Bane! On the one hand, you have a Demi Deity who killed the… Read More »

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Kingsman – Church Fight Scene

Here's the epic Kingsman - Church Fight Scene in it's entirety:


One of the first ways to play a computer game. Don't get sucked into the Rabbit Hole Alice... TEXTFILES

The Most Astounding Fact

From the one and only, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Vincent Cochetel: Held hostage for 317 days. Amazing Message.

Vincent Cochetel: Held hostage for 317 days. Amazing Message. Watch now.

NASA’s Software Catalog

Yes, now you can build a rocket too - Actually, there is an amazing amount of free software and complete documentation on how to make and perform some amazing feats of science. I'm interested to know what FactPilers would do with it... Click here to get started!

Mining the Moon

It's going to happen soon - there are a ton to rare Earth Metals on that big old rock in the sky! Check out this infographic!

Michio Kaku: The Universe In a Nutshell

Fantastic video that easily explains physics of our universe: Michio Kaku - Universe in a Nutshell

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Conception Transcribed

Raiders of the Lost Ark - This is an amazing read on the thought process between George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan as they talk through the concepts of this amazing film. It's practically peering into the thought process of some of the most influential film makers of our day. And amazingly, shows how creative Lucas was.

Help Out Nepal

Finally a good reason to support Destiny.

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Curiosity Rover Spotted by Mars Orbiter on Mount Sharp

17 Rare Star Wars Pictures

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Comic Con 2013 Cosplay Gallery

Just a ton of pictures of cosplayers from the 2013 Comic Con event

Ancient Aliens Map

If you ever watched the show "Ancient Aliens" and wanted a quick reference to where all the locations they mention are at, this is the site for you!

Fictional Universes Database

Soon to be shut down by Google, but here is a great starting point for Fictional Universes

99 Star Wars Pics

Some are cool, some are a bit absurd, but they are all based on Star Wars

Alternate Movie Posters

Something a bit distinct - Check them out

Epic Swiss Army Knife

Future Me

Write yourself an email letter to the future - Future Me

Neil Degrasse Tyson

Star Talk Radio - As always, keep looking up!