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Madara Uchiha Vs Joa

Madara Uchiha Vs Joa
By Rookie, October 29, 2015 20 Duels

Suggested by Vuper Madara Uchiha (Naruto) will go up against Joa (Toriko). Who will win in battle between main villains of Naruto and Toriko universes? Madara in his sage mode. Battlefield: Gourmet Coliseum. Related Posts: Challenge for you! Acacia’s disciples… Read More »

X-23 Vs Edward Cullen

X-23 Vs Edward Cullen
By Rookie, October 28, 2015 12 Duels

Suggested by Nsl98 X-23 (Marvel) will go up against Edward Cullen (Twilight). Fight takes place in the Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter. Who wins? Related Posts: Megaman universe Vs Twilight universe Edward Cullen Vs Kratos General Grievous Vs X-23 Wolverine… Read More »

Don Fua Vs Obito

Don Fua Vs Obito
By Rookie, October 25, 2015 16 Duels

Suggested by Rookie Founder of Eletromagnetic Karate, robot Don Fua (Battle Angel Alita) will go up against Obito Uchiha from Naruto. Don Fua is fully charged and have access to Jupiter energy generator. Obito fused with Juubi. Who will win?… Read More »

Metal Sonic Vs Kharn the Betrayer

Metal Sonic Vs Kharn the Betrayer
By Rookie, October 24, 2015 46 Duels

Suggested by Sauroposeidon Metal Sonic vs Kharn the Betrayer (Warhammer 40K) Oh look, another Kharn match! Coming at him at high speed is the nefarious Metal Sonic, looking to destroy the chaos champion because that’s the kind of guy Metal… Read More »

Superman and Wonder Woman Vs Bills and Goku

Superman and Wonder Woman Vs Bills and Goku
By Rookie, October 23, 2015 66 Tag Teams

Suggested by sadot06 Superman and Wonder Woman (DC) Vs Bills and Goku (DBZ) Fight takes place on a deserted and indestructible planet. Superman is New 52 before getting nerfed. Feats from Dragon Ball Super and Revival F can be used…. Read More »

Captain America Vs Ryu

Captain America Vs Ryu
By Rookie, October 21, 2015 71 Duels

Suggested by Alpha or Omega Marvel vs Capcom Captain America (Steve Rogers) before the serum loss faces off against Ryu, the wandering warrior, from Street Fighter. Who will win? Related Posts: Captain America Vs Solid Snake Skulls for the Skull… Read More »

Atoli vs Hazel

Atoli vs Hazel
By Friendlysociopath, October 19, 2015 7 Duels

Suggested by CommanderCross Atoli, the Mirage of Deceit(Dot Hack Universe) Hazel Levesque, The Soldier of New Rome, representing from the Camp Half-blood volumes by the Riordan family starting from Son of Neptune onward. Movie and Manga showings are allowed for… Read More »

Percy Jackson vs Video Game Gauntlet

Percy Jackson vs Video Game Gauntlet
By Friendlysociopath, October 19, 2015 19 Duels

Suggested by NS198 Percy Jackson (PJU) takes on a gauntlet made up of primarily video game characters. Characters more used to a sci Fi/urban environment will fight PJ in NYC. Fantasy/medieval people will fight him in Camp Half Blood, depopulated…. Read More »

Isley and Zekka Vs Kakuzu and Natsu

Isley and Zekka Vs Kakuzu and Natsu
By Rookie, October 19, 2015 5 Tag Teams

Suggested by Rookie Isley (Claymore) and Zekka (Battle Angel Alita) will go up against Kakuzu (Naruto) and Natsu (Fairy Tail). Battlefield: forest where Kakuzu had battle against Kakashi and his team. Who will win? Related Posts: Battle for Master Chief’s… Read More »

Ciaphas Cain & Ferik Jurgen Vs Queen of Blades & Kain

Ciaphas Cain & Ferik Jurgen Vs Queen of Blades & Kain
By admin, October 18, 2015 59 Tag Teams

Brought to you by pimpmage Ciaphas Cain & Ferik Jurgen (Warhammer 40k) face off against the Queen of Blades (StarCraft) and Kain (Legacy of Kain) Rules: Warp is EC with LoK and starcraft magic/psionics. Ciaphas and Co are tipped off… Read More »

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