Category:  Duels

Percy Jackson Vs Kharn the Betrayer

Percy Jackson Vs Kharn the Betrayer
By Rookie, April 22, 2016 53 Duels

Suggested by Commander Cross Fight takes place on a rainstorm-filled Manhattan under attack, before fighting starts Percy has access to 3 Greek Fire Bombs, his usual gear along with a working shield, Nemean Lion Armor, River Styx Enhancements, his Sword… Read More »

Golden Frieza Vs Silver Surfer

Golden Frieza Vs Silver Surfer
By Rookie, April 20, 2016 179 Duels

Suggested by hellboy147 Golden Frieza (DBZ) Vs Silver Surfer (Marvel) Frieza from DBZ is going up against Silver Surfer from Marvel. They start fighting each other near Andromeda galaxy. Which color will shine more at the end? Related Posts: Gladiator… Read More »

Percy Jackson Vs Natsu Dragneel

Percy Jackson Vs Natsu Dragneel
By Rookie, April 17, 2016 155 Duels

Suggested by pimpmage  Percy Jackson (PJU) VS. Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail). Fight take place on New Jersey Shore very near the Beach. Who Wins?   Related Posts: Batman Must Die! Percy Jackson Vs Kharn the Betrayer Raiden Vs Percy Jackson… Read More »

Deathstroke Vs Deadpool

Deathstroke Vs Deadpool
By Rookie, April 13, 2016 35 Duels

Suggested by Darth Bombad Deathstroke (DC) will go up against Deadpool (Marvel) In honor of his new movie we will once again see the Merc with a Mouth. Go up against The Terminator, but this time it’ll be their live… Read More »

Gladiator Vs Hit

Gladiator Vs Hit
By Rookie, April 12, 2016 211 Duels

Suggested by Vuper Gladiator (Marvel) will go up against Hit (DBZ) Hit was hired to kill Gladiator. Can he do it? Who will win? Related Posts: Golden Frieza Vs Silver Surfer Asura and Saitama Vs Bills and Whis Team Composite… Read More »

Faora Vs Wonder Woman

Faora Vs Wonder Woman
By Rookie, April 8, 2016 7 Duels

Suggested by UberZ Faora will go up against Wonder Woman (DC, movie versions) Faora have kryptonian gun, Wonder Woman have her weapons from recent movie. Who will win? Related Posts: Wonder Woman Vs Hercules Binary Vs Wonder Woman Wonder Woman… Read More »

Malus Darkblade Vs Eragon

Malus Darkblade Vs Eragon
By Rookie, April 6, 2016 7 Duels

Suggested by itcheyness Malus Darkblade (Warhammer Fantasy) will go up against Eragon (Inheritance Cycle). Malus has all 5 of his artifacts. Eragon does not have Saphira’s help. Who wins?   Related Posts: Dragon Siege The Dragon Riders Vs The Jedi… Read More »

Doomsday Vs Hedorah

Doomsday Vs Hedorah
By Rookie, April 3, 2016 11 Duels

Suggested by Vuper Doomsday (DC, Batman vs Superman movie version) will go up against kaiju Hedorah, who appears here for the first time (Godzilla, comics version). Battlefield: Coruscant. Who will win? Related Posts: Black Vortex Vs Darkseid War Team Composite… Read More »

Saber Vs Anakin Skywalker

Saber Vs Anakin Skywalker
By Rookie, April 2, 2016 39 Duels

Suggested by Ninja Lowk Saber ( Fate Stay/Night series ) VS. Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars). Saber is Composite while Anakin is in his Prime in EP3. Bonus Round: Post Armor Vader in his best, is in use. Location: Mustafar. Who… Read More »

Dracula Vs Hercules

Dracula Vs Hercules
By Rookie, March 31, 2016 7 Duels

Suggested by Amm0vamp1r3 Dracula (Dracula Untold) will go up against Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) Fight takes place in the Grand Canyon. Who will win?   Related Posts: Wonder Woman Vs Hercules The SAO crew Vs Raynare’s group Cyborg Vs Alex Mercer… Read More »

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