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T-1000 vs B-9

T-1000 vs B-9
By Rookie, September 6, 2015 15 Duels, Mecha

Suggested by Sauroposeidon T-1000 (Terminator) will go up against B-9 “Robot” (Lost in Space). Another Factpile Battlebots match, to come in on the heels of the still on going battle concerning Data & IG-88. Today we have two classic robots… Read More »

Aquaman Vs Percy Jackson

Aquaman Vs Percy Jackson
By Rookie, September 5, 2015 29 Duels

Suggested by Shadow-Knight Aquaman (DC, animated) will go up against Percy Jackson (PJU). The two of them are on an empty beach in Hawaii armed with Sword & Shield (Percy) and Trident (Aquaman) respectively. The Son of Poseidon battles the… Read More »

Raven Vs Gwen Tennyson

Raven Vs Gwen Tennyson
By Rookie, September 4, 2015 12 Duels

Suggested by Unknown Soldier Raven (Animated Teen Titans…. Not! Go)¬† will go up against¬† Gwen Tennyson. Round 1: Morals On. Round 2: Morals Off. Round 3: Gwen discovers and learn to use her Antodite Form full Potentiall. Who will win?… Read More »

Hulk Vs Hercules

Hulk Vs Hercules
By Rookie, September 2, 2015 69 Duels

Suggested by Lethal_Gecko Hercules Vs the Hulk … again! A duel between the Berserker from Fate/ Stay Night (Hercules, composite)and the Incredible Hulk from Marvel. Battle takes place within the Roman Colosseum and they can not leave it. Battle to… Read More »

Dr. Manhattan Vs Kain

Dr. Manhattan Vs Kain
By Rookie, September 1, 2015 121 Duels, WTF

Suggested by AbsoluteZero Dr Manhattan VS Kain (LoK) Scenario 1: The two opponents start at five hundred meters distance. Looking dead at each other in a completely flat open field. Both open the match aggressively. Both are operating at the… Read More »

Iron Man Vs Sasuke Uchiha

Iron Man Vs Sasuke Uchiha
By Rookie, August 28, 2015 26 Duels

Suggested by sadot06 Iron Man (Marvel) will go up against Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto). Tony just finished wiping out some mercenaries and is transported to the Valley of the End. Sasuke was stoically looking out at the horizon when Tony appears… Read More »

Ulyaoth and Deoxys Vs Zorc and Shadow

Ulyaoth and Deoxys Vs Zorc and Shadow
By Rookie, August 27, 2015 26 Tag Teams

Suggested by Rookie Ulyaoth (Eternal Darkness) and Deoxys (Pokemon) will go up against Zorc (Yu-Gi-Oh) and Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic). This is video games version of Shadow. Zorc in his prime. Composite Deoxys. Battlefield: Lake-town (LOTR). Who will win? Related… Read More »

Necron Lord Vs Naruto

Necron Lord Vs Naruto
By Rookie, August 27, 2015 36 Duels

Suggested by Prime Chaos Composite Necron Lord (Warhammer 40K) will go up against pre-shippuuden Naruto (Naruto) Who will win? Related Posts: Acacia’s disciples Vs Naruto, Killer Bee and Toneri Demon and Undeads Vs Knights and Mutant Ghost Rider Vs Naruto… Read More »

Master Chief Vs Jason Grace

Master Chief Vs Jason Grace
By Rookie, August 25, 2015 85 Duels, MC vs

Suggested by Nsl98 Master Chief (Halo) will go up against Jason Grace (PJ U) They fight in Forest Hills, Queens. Master Chief is equppied with an assault rifle, two pistols and 5 M9 grenades.¬† Various weapons from the Halo franchise… Read More »

Dragon Ball Z: Goku Vs Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z: Goku Vs Vegeta
By admin, August 19, 2015 15 Duels

Presented by War Wizard There’s a different spin to today’s vs. battle. Rather than look at completely different beings and characters that come from totally different backgrounds, let’s look at a pair that share a very contrary brotherly love/hate relationship…. Read More »

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