Hitman Reviews: Halo 4 Multiplayer

Well recently I managed to get my hands on Halo 4, I am about 3/4 of the way through the campaign and I may review it if I get it done this week.


First thing I am going to talk about is the armor customization Personally I don’t relly like ay of the helmets…at all. It seems like they really wanted some crazy ideas and decided to look at Power Rangers for help, also prtty sad they took out my favourite the ODST helmet…but there are lots of choices for customization and unlike in Reach you can unlock armor parts apart for leveling up, you can also unlock thm by completing commendations, which was in Reach.¬† I like the fact we have more than 3 visor colours and more arms and legs choices.


One thing I wasn’t sure about when I had initially heard about it was the loadouts but surprisingly they work nicely. The primary weapons are pretty nicey balanced except you will pretty much see everyone using a DMR as it is most powerful at close range, which I find myself in a lot. I thought the BR would be my weapon of choice but after a few games I had to switch it, I just kept getting killed by others with the DMR or an assualt rifle. Thankfully at far range the BR is possibly one of the best but is out shone by the Light Rifle, which does more damage whn it is scped then when it isn’t. I hardly ever find people using the Supressor or the Covenant Carbine, the latter to which I have grown to a long with the DMR. The pistols are pretty much what they have always been the plasma pistol has the EMP effect, the Magnum is a great secondary weapon and the Boltshot is really good too and like the Plasma Pistol can be charged and can cause an instakill at close range, I have seen people camping behind corners simply using it as a shotgun, it is pretty OP but it isn’t at a scale which is too bad yet.

Armor abilities

This seems to be the one thing I have a lot of trouble with. I simply forget I have them and so I pay the price for it. I haven’t used all the AAs just yet but I have used a few. The hardlight Shield is pretty good for when you are taking a lot of damage and your opponent is in front of you but, this could be just the timing, your shields don’t seem to regenrate when you use this ability and so when the shield goes down you will too. It is probably best for acting as a distration whilst a team mate goes in for the kill.

The Auto Turret is an ability which I find pretty weak, I have ever got a single kill with the turret and it is pretty easy to destroy too. It is okay for helping weakening enemy shields in tactical game modes such as CTF and King of the Hill but I only use it for those two game modes only.

The Regenerative Shield, in my opinion, is absolutely useless. Again it could be just be my timing, but I think you could take the spot for something else instead, if it was like the drop shield in Reach, I would probably use it more often. The Thruster is an AA I have only used in the Flood mode, which I will talk about in detail later on, but this is an ability which allows you to either close the gap or even get out of a messy situation and now you know why it is in Flood mode. I think this is pretty much Evade on speed, I would imagine it would be good for avoiding getting splattered online ad getting away from grenade spams or even to get in and finish off someone who is trying to run away.

Another new AA to Halo is Promethean Vision, this is basically x-ray vision and like the thruster I have only ever used it in the Flood game mode. I imagine this is a pretty handy AA for CTF and Regicide as you now where the enemy will be coming from and you can prepare or if you are on the offensive you can try and ambush you enemies. The downside to using the PV is that on the motion sensor of the enemy you can see like a sonar ping making everyone aware you are using PV.

The Jetpack is pretty much how it was in Reach, didn’t use it much then and I won’t now. Active Camo is prtty much how it was in Reach too, but on the motion sensor you are surrounded by blue markers instead of red, so the enemy will know someone is around.

Another AA returning from Reach is the Hologram, I had some fun using it in Reach and I could imagine having some fun on 4 with it too, it is pretty much how it was in Reach.

Tactical Packages

There are 9 tactical packages and I haven’t unlocked them all yet. The ones I have unlocked are the Shield Package and Grenadier Package.

The Shield Package allows your shields to recharge faster, this is a pretty nice package especially if you are constantly getting into fights.

The Grenadier Package basically allows you to carry an extra grenade, which I find useful of game modes like KOTH.

The other packages are the Firepower Package, whcih allows players to carry to primary weapons, I am not gonna use this package, I don’t see the need to carry to primary weapons.

The Mobility Package allows for unlimted sprint, this is a package I might unlock next, having unlimited sprint will help in modes like CTF, KOTH and Oddball.

The AA Efficiency Package makes your AA to rcharge quicker, an package I won’t bother with unless I find a AA I am comfortable with using.

Resupply allows players to pick up grenades from dead enemies, again I don’t really see the need for this as I always find grenades which have been dropped in just waiting to be taken. Fast Track is a package which allows players to get XP faster, this one is self explanatory not gonna go more into it.

Requisition allows players to “re-roll” their ordance drops choices, I think this is a handy package, sometimes I just get weapons which I don’t want. There are some more but I don’t want to bore people with more of this.

Game Modes

343 are going to add more game modes as time moves along, I am gonna start with the standard Inifinity Slayer and Big Team Slayer, this is basiccaly team deathmatch and is pretty much a standard game mode, I haven’t come across much problems except for some lag which is annoying.

Flood is the new infection, I have mixed feelings about this game, the AA in this make it much harder for both sides, the Flood have the AA Thruster, Active Camo and Promethean Vision, I think pretty much everyone uses the thruster pack as it is much easier to move around the maps since you can’t sprint as an infected also getting kills make it much easier. You can use your thruster pack and attack at the same time and I have gotten loads of kills like this. Being a spartan isn’t all bad though, you have Promethean Vision, Active Camo and the Hardlight Shield. I never see anyone use the hardlight shield, I personally prefer PV so I can know where the infected are coming from. The shotgun has a pretty long range making it easy to keep the Flood a nice distance away, however sometimes when they swing for you and you kill them first there isstill a chance you can die to after their death. The infected are also have shields which is ridiculous and makes killing them with a pistol much harder as it ill take a few shots to the head to bring them down. This game mode still has a lot of tweaking before it will be nicely balanced.

Capture The Flag has had a few changes since Reach, now when you grab the flag you also have a pistol which is an addition I love, there have been times when my team would just die and I would have to try and get the flag as close to my base a spossible, without that pistol I wouldn’t make it as far as I did. When you go to the flag you automatically pick it up and you can’t drop it, it is a little annoying but something I can get over quickly, just makes team work more vital. I have quite a bit of fun with CTF, just wish there were more maps to play it on.

Dat Scattershot

King Of The Hill, just expect mass grenade spamming. It isn’t too bad, people mainly just spam grenades and you have no choice but to get out of the hill of try and just stay as close as you can. You cnnot use AA whilst in the Hill, which I like otherwise you would just have people hiding with Active Camo or using the Regenerative shield. I don’t play this game mode much and I probably only would when there is a challenge.

Oddball is an all time favourite of mine. Pretty much like it has always been except you have the ability to throw the ball, I have never seen anyone use it yet. I have done it a few times myslef when my entire team got killed and I just throw it as far away from the enemies as I can,I think I have only passed the ball to a teammate once. A ncie feature which could work well with a team taht is communicating.

Regicide, I always feel sorry for the King, if you are the king expet to be teamed up on but it is a nice twist on the standard free-for-all. I haven’t played this much but it can be pretty fun especially if you are playing it with friends.

SWAT was recently added to the list. I loved SWAT in Reach, so was happy to hear it had come back. You can use either the DMR or BR, both have the Magnum as a secondary weapon. There have been a few times when I have spawned and a second later got killed, that is my main problem with this game mode, the spawn points. This is prtty fun, head shots are instant kill and people are always running around, I mistake I make too often. If you are a DMR hater, don’t play this game mode, it is all I ever see.

Dominion is a new mode to Halo, it is pretty much reminds me of Domnation in COD. 3 points on the map you have to capture them all, but once you capture a base it can be fortified with turrets and shields, and once that is done you can get supplied with weapons and vehicles, making it even more challenging. Once one team has captured all the bases the enemy team has overshields and 1 life, the opposing team must eliminate them before they capture a base, but to make things a little easier for them they have markers on them so they know where they are. This is a game mode which can last for sometime ad you can epect to be chaotic. Everyone needs to lay this mode.


There are curently 10 maps in the game excluding the forge maps. It kinda sucks because after a while you can pretty much guess where people will be camping and know which way to go gt the flag, etc.¬† My favourite map has to be Adrift, had good times on this match in nearly all the game modes. The rest of the maps are okay but I don’t like them much.

I thin I have said everything I wanted to say, if you have any questions post them below!

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