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Metal Sonic Vs Harry Dresden

Metal Sonic Vs Harry Dresden
By Rookie, October 5, 2015 21 Duels

Suggested by Sauroposeidon Metal Sonic will go up against Harry Dresden (Dresden Files). A factpile favorite is ambushed by the blue blur’s robotic doppelganger! Fighting in the city streets of London, will the city survive this duel? Will Harry vanquish… Read More »

Monsters Vs Titans

Monsters Vs Titans
By Rookie, October 5, 2015 7 Group Combat, Mecha

Suggested by Vuper Monsters from Evolve (Goliath, Meteor Goliath, Kraken, Wraith and Behemoth) will go up against Titans from Titanfall ( 2 Atlas Titans, 2 Stryder Titans and one Ogre Titan). All monsters are at stage 3. Who will win? Related… Read More »

Team Dog Vs Team Cat

Team Dog Vs Team Cat
By Rookie, October 4, 2015 18 Group Combat

Suggested by MrRyder Team Dog vs Team Cat Team Dog: Repede – Tales of Vesperia. Zed – Ben 10, equipped with Nemetrix but can only assume Crabdozer form. Cosmo – Marvel 616, no telepathic manipulation of opponents (mind control). Friender… Read More »

Xeno-series Vs Star Ocean

Xeno-series Vs Star Ocean
By Rookie, October 3, 2015 5 Mecha, Universe

Suggested by Mecha Xtreme The Xeno series (Xenogears, Xenosaga, and Xenoblade) take on the Star Ocean Series. Round 1 is a straight out war. No universe busting or anything like that. Round 2 has everything. Round 3 has the parties… Read More »

Adventure quest: Into the Thay

Adventure quest: Into the Thay
By Rookie, October 2, 2015 30 Group Combat

Suggested by Rookie A team of adventures will try to enter the Thay (Forgotten Realms) and destroy it’s ruler Szass Tam, before he can finish his spell and replace the multiverse. Adventures starts in city Escalant, Wizard’s Reach. Adventures team:… Read More »

Bills Vs Flash

Bills Vs Flash
By Rookie, October 2, 2015 108 Duels

Suggested by sadot06 The Flash will go up against Bills (DBZ). Bills is bored and traveling through space when he flies through a singularity and ends up in the DC verse. He happens upon Earth and stops by because its… Read More »

Multiverse Vs Leviathan

Multiverse Vs Leviathan
By Rookie, October 1, 2015 6 Universe

Suggested by Ordo11 Multiverse Vs Leviathan. This is a fight between the universe from the leviathan series with their genetically modified war beasts and mechanical walking dreadnoughts against the magic wielding armies of Arcania and the smart people of Sharona. The… Read More »

Perseus Vs Sigurd

Perseus Vs Sigurd
By Rookie, September 30, 2015 12 Duels

Suggested by Sauroposeidon Perseus will go up against Sigurd The biggest hero of Greek myth goes up against one of the best known warriors of Norse lore. Fighting in Germany’s Black Forest, both warriors come with their full gear. Because… Read More »

Esdeath Vs Dio

Esdeath Vs Dio
By Rookie, September 30, 2015 18 Duels

Suggested by mack006 Battle of time stoppers! We have Esdeath from Akame ga Kill! against Dio from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. Takes place in Tokyo. Dio gets his signature ROAD ROLLA DA! Who wins? Related Posts: Esdeath Vs Kyurem General Esdeath… Read More »

Getting Paid to Play?

Getting Paid to Play?
By admin, September 29, 2015 13 Media

Presented by War Wizard So, everyone today knows that there are MLG tournaments where the winning teams take home real cash. Same goes for the old school bingo halls where you get the money as soon as you win. If… Read More »

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Vincent Cochetel: Held hostage for 317 days. Amazing Message. Watch now.

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