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Boba Fett vs Buzz Lightyear

Boba Fett vs Buzz Lightyear
By Friendlysociopath, November 26, 2015 10 Duels

Suggested by Friendlysociopath “Star Command? Star Command do you read me?” bzzt- “Buzz!”- bzzt, bzzt, crackle – “There’s a bounty hunter” – crackle crackle, static – “be on your guard!” Fett stepped over the crest of a rocky ridge, searching… Read More »

Sirius Vs Beerus

Sirius Vs Beerus
By Rookie, November 26, 2015 1 Duels

Suggested by Batz Sirius will go up against Beerus. Sirius (Mega Man Starforce 3) and Beerus (Dragon Ball Super). The two meet and do battle in the space between the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. Who will win? Related Posts:… Read More »

Naruto Uzumaki Vs Wonder Man

Naruto Uzumaki Vs Wonder Man
By Rookie, November 25, 2015 12 Duels

Suggested by Nsl98 Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto) will go up against Wonder Man (Marvel). They fight on Mars. Who wins? Related Posts: Kill The Hulk Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo VS Goku Challenge for you! Acacia’s disciples Vs Naruto, Killer Bee and… Read More »

Tigurius and Mephiston Vs Darth Caedus and Darth Sidious

Tigurius and Mephiston Vs Darth Caedus and Darth Sidious
By Rookie, November 25, 2015 5 Tag Teams

Suggested by UberZ Tigurius and Mephiston (W40K) will go up against Darth Caedus and Darth Sidious (Star Wars). Battlefield: Grand Convocation Chamber from Star Wars. No prep-time. Who willl win? Related Posts: Siege of Byss Mephiston vs Tigurius Luke Skywalker… Read More »

What If…Big Boss Gets Caught on Silent Hill?

What If…Big Boss Gets Caught on Silent Hill?
By Rookie, November 24, 2015 13 What If

Suggested by Arizu What If…Big Boss (Metal Gear) Gets Caught on Silent Hill? What will happen? Related Posts: Team Soldier Vs Team Techno Master Chief Vs Big Boss Commander Shepard Vs The Man On Fire Kill The Hulk Samurai Vs… Read More »

Jehuty Vs VF-1J Valkyrie

Jehuty Vs VF-1J Valkyrie
By Rookie, November 23, 2015 9 Duels, Mecha

Suggested by Alpha or Omega Jehuty will go up against VF-1J Valkyrie. Jehuty from Zone of the Enders faces off against the Valkyrie from Macross. Jehuty will be piloted by Dingo Egret while the Valkyrie will be Maximilian Jenius‘ machine… Read More »

Colosseum Deathmatch

Colosseum Deathmatch
By Rookie, November 22, 2015 12 Group Combat, Tag Teams

Suggested by Super Combine Colosseum Deathmatch Shalltear Bloodfallen (Overlord) and Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) will go up against Asuna (SAO) and Sakura Haruno (Naruto) in an indestructible Colosseum that’s being overrun by an endless number of Apostles (Berserk) hostile to… Read More »

Alucard and Seras Vs Alex and James

Alucard and Seras Vs Alex and James
By Rookie, November 21, 2015 21 Tag Teams

Suggested by Amm0vamp1r3 Alucard and Seras Victoria of Hellsing will go up against Alex Mercer and James Heller of Prototype. The Fight takes place in London, night time. Both teams have basic knowledge about each other. Who will win? Related… Read More »

Tatsumaki Vs Baraggan

Tatsumaki Vs Baraggan
By Rookie, November 21, 2015 3 Duels

Suggested by Rookie Two users with interesting powers. Tatsumaki from OP-man and Baraggan from Bleach. Can Tatsumaki’s TP powers overcome Baraggan’s hax? Who will win?   Related Posts: Team Manga and Comics Vs Team Naruto and Bleach Hody Jones Vs… Read More »

Hody Jones Vs Sea King

Hody Jones Vs Sea King
By Rookie, November 20, 2015 9 Duels

Suggested by EnigmaJ Hody Jones (One Piece) will go up against Sea King (One Punch Man). Who takes? Captain of the New Fishman Pirates or the ruler of the Seafolk? Related Posts: Tatsumaki Vs Baraggan Super Skrull Vs Saitama Kill… Read More »

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Vincent Cochetel: Held hostage for 317 days. Amazing Message. Watch now.

NASA’s Software Catalog

Yes, now you can build a rocket too - Actually, there is an amazing amount of free software and complete documentation on how to make and perform some amazing feats of science. I'm interested to know what FactPilers would do with it... Click here to get started!

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