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Iron Man Vs Sasuke Uchiha

Iron Man Vs Sasuke Uchiha
By Rookie, August 28, 2015 8 Duels

Suggested by sadot06 Iron Man (Marvel) will go up against Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto). Tony just finished wiping out some mercenaries and is transported to the Valley of the End. Sasuke was stoically looking out at the horizon when Tony appears… Read More »

THE MARTIAN Viral Video – Ares (2015) Matt Damon, Ridley Scott Sci-Fi Movie HD

THE MARTIAN Viral Video – Ares (2015) Matt Damon, Ridley Scott Sci-Fi Movie HD
By admin, August 27, 2015 5 Media

Presented by War Wizard I can’t wait for this movie to arrive! Related Posts: Star Wars 7 Slated for a 2015 Release Tyranids Vs Daleks Vs Borg Necromorphs Vs Xenomorphs Obi-Wan Vs Blade Space Marines Vs Mandalorians

Ulyaoth and Deoxys Vs Zorc and Shadow

Ulyaoth and Deoxys Vs Zorc and Shadow
By Rookie, August 27, 2015 23 Tag Teams

Suggested by Rookie Ulyaoth (Eternal Darkness) and Deoxys (Pokemon) will go up against Zorc (Yu-Gi-Oh) and Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic). This is video games version of Shadow. Zorc in his prime. Composite Deoxys. Battlefield: Lake-town (LOTR). Who will win? Related… Read More »

Necron Lord Vs Naruto

Necron Lord Vs Naruto
By Rookie, August 27, 2015 35 Duels

Suggested by Prime Chaos Composite Necron Lord (Warhammer 40K) will go up against pre-shippuuden Naruto (Naruto) Who will win? Related Posts: Demon and Undeads Vs Knights and Mutant Ghost Rider Vs Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Uzumaki Vs Yusuke What If…Naruto Uzumaki… Read More »

Mandalorian Free For All

Mandalorian Free For All
By Rookie, August 26, 2015 42 Contest, Group Combat

Suggested by Alpha or Omega Jango Fett against Pre Vizsla against Sabine Wren against Boba Fett all from Star Wars. The battle takes place in Sundari on Mandalore. Standard gear for everyone and each fighter can buy up to five… Read More »

Master Chief Vs Jason Grace

Master Chief Vs Jason Grace
By Rookie, August 25, 2015 71 Duels, MC vs

Suggested by Nsl98 Master Chief (Halo) will go up against Jason Grace (PJ U) They fight in Forest Hills, Queens. Master Chief is equppied with an assault rifle, two pistols and 5 M9 grenades.  Various weapons from the Halo franchise… Read More »

Esdeath Vs Kyurem

Esdeath Vs Kyurem
By Rookie, August 24, 2015 19 Group Combat

Suggested by MrRyder Round 1: Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill) vs Kyurem (Pokemon) solo. Round 2: Esdeath+full team of Jaegers vs Kyurem. Kyurem can change between White and Black forms in both rounds. No time stop for both rounds. Who will… Read More »

Claymore Vs Abara

Claymore Vs Abara
By Rookie, August 23, 2015 40 Universe

Suggested by Rookie Claymore will go up against Abara. All named characters from Claymore (Teresa, Priscilla and so on) alive once again. Standard rules. Which verse will win? Related Posts: Swordsmen Battle Royale Priscilla Vs Dante Juri Vs Kasumi Team… Read More »

Dark Templar Vs Jedi

Dark Templar Vs Jedi
By Rookie, August 23, 2015 19 Contest

Suggested by Megaraptor18 Dark Templar (StarCraft) will go up against Jedi (Star Wars) “Standard” DT against “standard” Jedi from the Old Republic times. All StarCraft Dark Templars against Jedi Order (Clone Wars era). Who will win? Who are overall better… Read More »

Elemental Battle: Fire, Lightning, Ice

Elemental Battle: Fire, Lightning, Ice
By Rookie, August 22, 2015 63 Group Combat

Suggested by Numinous One Mostly hailing from the same verses, because I’m a slack bastard, we’ll have a trio from each element face off. Here we go. Fire. Genryusai Yamamoto – Bleach Portgas D. Ace – One Piece Natsu Dragneel… Read More »

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The Most Astounding Fact

From the one and only, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Vincent Cochetel: Held hostage for 317 days. Amazing Message.

Vincent Cochetel: Held hostage for 317 days. Amazing Message. Watch now.

NASA’s Software Catalog

Yes, now you can build a rocket too - Actually, there is an amazing amount of free software and complete documentation on how to make and perform some amazing feats of science. I'm interested to know what FactPilers would do with it... Click here to get started!

Mining the Moon

It's going to happen soon - there are a ton to rare Earth Metals on that big old rock in the sky! Check out this infographic!

Michio Kaku: The Universe In a Nutshell

Fantastic video that easily explains physics of our universe: Michio Kaku - Universe in a Nutshell

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Conception Transcribed

Raiders of the Lost Ark - This is an amazing read on the thought process between George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan as they talk through the concepts of this amazing film. It's practically peering into the thought process of some of the most influential film makers of our day. And amazingly, shows how creative Lucas was.

Help Out Nepal

Finally a good reason to support Destiny.

Modern Gaming

Curiosity Rover Spotted by Mars Orbiter on Mount Sharp

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Comic Con 2013 Cosplay Gallery

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Fictional Universes Database

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