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Archery Battle Royale

Archery Battle Royale
By Rookie, October 13, 2015 26 Contest, Group Combat

Suggested by Archangel470 Archery Battle Royale Battle Royale involving 14 archers across fiction. Here’s the rules: – No weapons allowed, apart from the bow and arrow. Hand to hand combat (by hand to hand, I mean fisticuffs and not swords)… Read More »

What if… Eight Kings appeared in DC Earth?

What if… Eight Kings appeared in DC Earth?
By Rookie, October 13, 2015 13 What If

Suggested by Vuper What if… Eight Kings (Toriko) appeared in New-52 DC (before Darkseid vs Anti-Monitor event) Earth? How much chaos will this invasion create? How soon they will be stopped? Will they be a challenge for the Justice League?… Read More »

False King Allant Vs Ghirahim

False King Allant Vs Ghirahim
By Rookie, October 12, 2015 15 Duels

Suggested by Rookie False King Allant (Demon’s Souls) will go up against Ghirahim (Legend of Zelda). Two living swords will fight against each other. Who will win? Related Posts: Adventure quest: Into the Thay Legend of Zelda Vs Dark Souls… Read More »

Ryu Hayabusa Vs Spiderman

Ryu Hayabusa Vs Spiderman
By Rookie, October 11, 2015 8 Duels

Suggested by Nsl98 Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) will go up against Spider–Man (Marvel). They fight in Jacksonville, FL.  Both are current incarnation. Who wins? Related Posts: Battle for Master Chief’s Head Deadpool, Ryu Hayabusa, DMC Dante and Bayonetta Vs Dormammu,… Read More »

Kwa Vs Borg

Kwa Vs Borg
By Rookie, October 10, 2015 7 Group Combat

Suggested by Starwalker The Kwa will go up against the Borg. The Kwa faces off the Borg. Both owning a galaxy, all Star Wars material (EU included) and Star Trek material is allowed. Who would win? Related Posts: King of… Read More »

Last Squad Standing

Last Squad Standing
By Rookie, October 9, 2015 27 Contest, Group Combat

Suggested by itcheyness Six squads are dropped into a New York City infested with Zombies from Left 4 Dead and Dying Light. The squads are: Delta Squad (Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird) (Gears of War), Alpha Squad  (Sev, Garza, Rico, Natko)… Read More »

Percy Jackson Vs Ganondorf

Percy Jackson Vs Ganondorf
By Rookie, October 8, 2015 130 Duels

Suggested by Myrmidon Ganondorf  (Legend of Zelda) will go up against Percy Jackson (book version). The mighty King of Evil finds himself arriving in modern day New York through a dimensional rift. Percy Jackson sees a horde of fleeing civilians… Read More »

Terra Formars Vs Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan

Terra Formars Vs Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan
By Rookie, October 8, 2015 5 Universe

Suggested by UberZ  Terra Formars vs Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan. Who will win in all out battle between verses? All named characters are alive once again for this match. Related Posts: Survive a night Grunbeld Vs Reiner Braun… Read More »

Ghost Rider Vs Balrog

Ghost Rider Vs Balrog
By Rookie, October 7, 2015 18 Duels

Suggested by Nsl98 Ghost Rider (Marvel) will go up against Balrog (LoTR). Ghost Rider is in his Robbie Reyes incarnation. On a fateful night in Los Angeles, Robbie encounters the Balrog while on patrol. Who wins? Related Posts: Team Anime… Read More »

Samurai Vs Ninja

Samurai Vs Ninja
By Rookie, October 6, 2015 20 Group Combat

Suggested by Amm0vamp1r3 Team Samurai: Jetstream Sam (Metal Gear) Samurai Jack Afro Samurai Silver Samurai (Marvel) vs Team Ninja Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) Electra Gray Fox Ken Ogawa (Ninja Blade) Fight takes place in a field with nothing but  thigh high… Read More »

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The Most Astounding Fact

From the one and only, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Vincent Cochetel: Held hostage for 317 days. Amazing Message.

Vincent Cochetel: Held hostage for 317 days. Amazing Message. Watch now.

NASA’s Software Catalog

Yes, now you can build a rocket too - Actually, there is an amazing amount of free software and complete documentation on how to make and perform some amazing feats of science. I'm interested to know what FactPilers would do with it... Click here to get started!

Mining the Moon

It's going to happen soon - there are a ton to rare Earth Metals on that big old rock in the sky! Check out this infographic!

Michio Kaku: The Universe In a Nutshell

Fantastic video that easily explains physics of our universe: Michio Kaku - Universe in a Nutshell

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Conception Transcribed

Raiders of the Lost Ark - This is an amazing read on the thought process between George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan as they talk through the concepts of this amazing film. It's practically peering into the thought process of some of the most influential film makers of our day. And amazingly, shows how creative Lucas was.

Help Out Nepal

Finally a good reason to support Destiny.

Modern Gaming

Curiosity Rover Spotted by Mars Orbiter on Mount Sharp

17 Rare Star Wars Pictures

To see them, click here

Comic Con 2013 Cosplay Gallery

Just a ton of pictures of cosplayers from the 2013 Comic Con event

Ancient Aliens Map

If you ever watched the show "Ancient Aliens" and wanted a quick reference to where all the locations they mention are at, this is the site for you!

Fictional Universes Database

Soon to be shut down by Google, but here is a great starting point for Fictional Universes

99 Star Wars Pics

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Alternate Movie Posters

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Epic Swiss Army Knife

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Neil Degrasse Tyson

Star Talk Radio - As always, keep looking up!