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Danny Phantom Vs Percy Jackson

Danny Phantom Vs Percy Jackson
By Rookie, February 10, 2016 3 Duels

Suggested by Nsl98 Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom) will go up against Percy Jackson (Riordanverse). Scenario 1:  They fight in the Sahara desert. Scenario 2:  They fight in NYC. Who wins? Related Posts: Percy Jackson Vs Ganondorf Raiden Vs Percy Jackson… Read More »

Who Should Be More Famous?

Who Should Be More Famous?
By admin, February 9, 2016 4 FactPilers

Suggested by War Wizard We are all fans of certain characters and franchise here on the Pile. But I know we all have more interests than just what normally appears on this site. So, in order to reply on this… Read More »

Elon Musk Vs Jeff Bezos Vs Bill Gates

Elon Musk Vs Jeff Bezos Vs Bill Gates
By admin, February 9, 2016 1 FactPilers

Suggested by War Wizard For this match, we are comparing the accomplishments of each, what they are currently working on, and ultimately, what impact they will have on humanity. All links open new windows. Elon Musk: Best known for founding… Read More »

Otto Octavious vs General Grievous

Otto Octavious vs General Grievous
By Friendlysociopath, February 8, 2016 20 Duels

Suggested by Friendlysociopath All hands on deck! Some people are up in arms over who would win this fight. Two villains known for being somewhat heavy-handed at times with their enemies. I won’t twist your arm to help me figure… Read More »

Asura and Saitama Vs Bills and Whis

Asura and Saitama Vs Bills and Whis
By Rookie, February 8, 2016 72 Tag Teams

Suggested by Jake Uzumaki Asura (Asura’s Wrath) and Saitama (OP-men) will go up against Bills and Whis (DBZ). Battle takes place on Marvel’s New York City. Who Wins? Related Posts: Gorr Vs Bills Kill The Hulk Bills Vs Asura Kain… Read More »

Adam Jensen Vs Robocop

Adam Jensen Vs Robocop
By Rookie, February 7, 2016 7 Duels, Mecha

Suggested by Darth Starkiller Adam Jensen vs Robocop The ultimate battle between two Detroit city cops who were brutally injured in the line of duty only to be resurected as bad@$$ cyborgs! Adam Jensen (Deus Ex) will go up against… Read More »

Muhammad Avdol Vs Zuko

Muhammad Avdol Vs Zuko
By Rookie, February 6, 2016 6 Duels

Suggested by UberZ Muhammad Avdol (JJBA) will go up against Zuko (Avatar). Fire vs Fire. Battlefield: Petranaki Arena. Who will win? Related Posts: Giorno Giovanna Vs Thor Druss The Legend Vs Guts Xena Vs Captain America Dark Templar Vs Lychguard… Read More »

Binary Vs Wonder Woman

Binary Vs Wonder Woman
By Rookie, February 5, 2016 33 Duels

Suggested by CH1C4N0444 is allergic to bullets Binary (Marvel) will go up against Wonder Woman (DC). Standard vs match nothing special. Who will win? Related Posts: Wonder Woman Vs Iron Man Phoenix, Loki & Darth Vader Vs Batman, Superman &… Read More »

Kain Vs Guts

Kain Vs Guts
By Rookie, February 4, 2016 20 Duels, SwordFighters

Suggested by Amm0vamp1r3 Kain (LOK) the scion of balance will go up against Guts (Berserk) the black swordsman. Fight takes place on the bridge of Elden. Pure sword fight, who wins? Related Posts: Search And Destroy Druss The Legend Vs… Read More »

Xenogears Vs Dragon Ball Z

Xenogears Vs Dragon Ball Z
By Rookie, February 3, 2016 7 Universe

Suggested by Sauroposeidon Xenogears will go up against Dragon Ball Z. What could possible go wrong? Besides the complete destruction of the entire battlefield… Who will win? Related Posts: Asura and Saitama Vs Bills and Whis Gorr Vs Bills Sirius… Read More »

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Kingsman – Church Fight Scene

Here's the epic Kingsman - Church Fight Scene in it's entirety:


One of the first ways to play a computer game. Don't get sucked into the Rabbit Hole Alice... TEXTFILES

The Most Astounding Fact

From the one and only, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Vincent Cochetel: Held hostage for 317 days. Amazing Message.

Vincent Cochetel: Held hostage for 317 days. Amazing Message. Watch now.

NASA’s Software Catalog

Yes, now you can build a rocket too - Actually, there is an amazing amount of free software and complete documentation on how to make and perform some amazing feats of science. I'm interested to know what FactPilers would do with it... Click here to get started!

Mining the Moon

It's going to happen soon - there are a ton to rare Earth Metals on that big old rock in the sky! Check out this infographic!

Michio Kaku: The Universe In a Nutshell

Fantastic video that easily explains physics of our universe: Michio Kaku - Universe in a Nutshell

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Conception Transcribed

Raiders of the Lost Ark - This is an amazing read on the thought process between George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan as they talk through the concepts of this amazing film. It's practically peering into the thought process of some of the most influential film makers of our day. And amazingly, shows how creative Lucas was.

Help Out Nepal

Finally a good reason to support Destiny.

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Curiosity Rover Spotted by Mars Orbiter on Mount Sharp

17 Rare Star Wars Pictures

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Comic Con 2013 Cosplay Gallery

Just a ton of pictures of cosplayers from the 2013 Comic Con event

Ancient Aliens Map

If you ever watched the show "Ancient Aliens" and wanted a quick reference to where all the locations they mention are at, this is the site for you!

Fictional Universes Database

Soon to be shut down by Google, but here is a great starting point for Fictional Universes

99 Star Wars Pics

Some are cool, some are a bit absurd, but they are all based on Star Wars

Alternate Movie Posters

Something a bit distinct - Check them out

Epic Swiss Army Knife

Future Me

Write yourself an email letter to the future - Future Me

Neil Degrasse Tyson

Star Talk Radio - As always, keep looking up!