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What If… Khada Jhin was in Daredevil?

What If… Khada Jhin was in Daredevil?
By Friendlysociopath, May 4, 2016 7 What If

Suggested by Lethal-Gecko Takes place in New York City at the time of Daredevil season 2.Jhin’s abilities are based on lore and taken at face value from the game (in-game items aren’t used in lore). Related Posts: Little Mac Vs… Read More »

Naruto vs Kirito

Naruto vs Kirito
By Friendlysociopath, May 4, 2016 2 Duels

Suggested by Original A Naruto Uzumaki VS. Kirito.Round 1: Teen Naruto vs. SAO Kirito.Round 2: Kid Naruto vs. Fairy Game Kirito.Round 3: Semi Adult ( The Last ) vs. GGO Kirito.Round 4: Adult ( Hokage ) Naruto vs. Composite Kirito.Battle… Read More »

Kaneki Ken vs Shirou Emira

Kaneki Ken vs Shirou Emira
By Friendlysociopath, May 3, 2016 8 Duels

Suggested by The Unknown Soldier   Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul) VS. Shirou Emiya (Fate/stay)   Round 1: Black Haired Kaneki ( Ghoul/Human ) VS. Fate Route Shirou. Round 2: White Haired Kaneki VS. UBW Shirou. Round 3: Adult Kaneki (… Read More »

Assuming Control

Assuming Control
By Friendlysociopath, May 3, 2016 27 Stuff

Suggested by Friendlysociopath Now hear this- you’ve had your fun and your little debates- but finally the time has come for me to assume control! I have vanquished your former leaders and none can stand before my might- this is… Read More »

Vampire Hunter D vs Raziel

Vampire Hunter D vs Raziel
By Friendlysociopath, May 2, 2016 52 Duels

Suggested by Amm0vamp1r3 Vampire hunter D, the son of the famed sacred ancestor Vs Raziel, the for lieutenant to the great Kain   Fight takes place at the chronoplast Related Posts: Vampire Hunter D Vs Alucard, Dio Brando, Raziel &… Read More »

Daredevil vs Green Arrow

Daredevil vs Green Arrow
By Friendlysociopath, May 1, 2016 12 Duels

Suggested by Nsl98 Daredevil (Marvel) vs Green Arrow (DC) Scenario 1: MCU vs CW Scenario 2: Current versions Who wins? Related Posts: Combat 101 – Protect the Squishy Spiderman Vs Aquaman Team Superman Vs Team Vision Assault: Collectors Base Skulls… Read More »

Ban Vs Gerard Valkyrie

Ban Vs Gerard Valkyrie
By Rookie, April 30, 2016 27 Duels

Suggested by UberZ Ban (Nanatsu no Taizai) Vs Gerard Valkyrie (Bleach) Battle of two hax fighters. Who will win? Related Posts: Swordsman battle Manga Universe War Deer King Vs Villains Team Loki Laufeyson Vs Lille Barro One Piece and Toriko… Read More »

Demigods vs God Eaters

Demigods vs God Eaters
By Friendlysociopath, April 29, 2016 23 Group Combat

Suggested by Friendlysociopath A desperate battle… between those who are descended from gods… and those who kill gods…   Scenario is 3 rounds- whichever side can pull out more wins is the victor. Round 1: CHB has received a message… Read More »

Yamcha Vs Lancer Vs Kakashi Hatake

Yamcha Vs Lancer Vs Kakashi Hatake
By Rookie, April 28, 2016 54 Group Combat

Suggested by Jake_Uzumaki Triple Threat Match. Yamcha ( Android Saga ) VS. Lancer ( Fate Stay/Night ) VS. Kakashi Hatake ( EOS with his Sharingan or both Sharingan eyes ). Battle takes on Konoha’s Training Field. Who Wins? Related Posts:… Read More »

Rin Tohsaka Vs Harry Potter

Rin Tohsaka Vs Harry Potter
By Rookie, April 27, 2016 67 Duels

Suggested by Commander Cross Rin Tohsaka (Fate) VS. Harry Potter Both can go all out and use all they have or have used in there series. Battle take place on a destroyed Football Field and a storm is raging (raining,strong… Read More »

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