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Iron Fist Vs Vergil

Iron Fist Vs Vergil
By Rookie, May 26, 2015 15 Duels

Suggested by Nsl98 Iron Fist (Marvel) will go up against Vergil (DMC) They encounter each other in feudal Japan, in the Emperor’s palace, fighting for his entertainment. Who wins? Related Posts: Deadpool, Ryu Hayabusa, DMC Dante and Bayonetta Vs Dormammu,… Read More »

Mr. Popo Fights Factpile

Mr. Popo Fights Factpile
By Rookie, May 25, 2015 23 Contest

Suggested by Sauroposeidon Mr.Popo (DBZ) fights Factpile. Do I mean the debaters? Or the characters debated? Does it matter? Because we’re using the TFS version of Mr.Popo and that means Factpile loses. Why? Because it *knows better*… Related Posts: Legendary… Read More »

Lexell Kotov’s Explorator Fleet Vs Coruscant

Lexell Kotov’s Explorator Fleet Vs Coruscant
By Rookie, May 24, 2015 101 Group Combat

Suggested by Rookie Lexell Kotov’s Explorator Fleet (Warhammer 40 000) Vs Coruscant (Star Wars) Magos Lexell Kotov will lead his fleet against Coruscant (under the rule of the Galactic Empire, EU feats and info allowed) while Darth Vader‘s personal fleet… Read More »

Legendary Saiyan Broly Vs World Breaker Hulk

Legendary Saiyan Broly Vs World Breaker Hulk
By Rookie, May 24, 2015 52 Duels

Suggested by hellboy147 Legendary Saiyan Broly (DBZ) will go up against World Breaker Hulk (Marvel) Not much left to say. Who wins? In this battle, I mean. Related Posts: World Breaker Hulk Vs Hercules Darkseid, Cyborg Superman and Uriel Vs… Read More »

Lightsaber Vs High Frequency Blade

Lightsaber Vs High Frequency Blade
By Rookie, May 23, 2015 42 Contest, Mecha

Suggested by Alpha or Omega Lightsaber [Star Wars] or High Frequency Blade [Metal Gear] ? Which blade is the best blade? Star Wars’ lightsaber or Metal Gear’s High Frequency Blade? Related Posts: Batman Must Die! Cyborg Free for All! CTF:… Read More »

Harry Potter Vs Captain Rex

Harry Potter Vs Captain Rex
By Rookie, May 22, 2015 57 Duels

Suggested by Nsl98 Harry Potter (Harry Potter) will go up against Captain Rex (Star Wars) Standard Gear for both, they fight in Tallahassee. Who wins? Related Posts: Captain Rex Vs Master Chief Darth Vader Vs Voldemort Echo Base Vs Hogwarts… Read More »

Daredevil Vs Batman

Daredevil Vs Batman
By Rookie, May 21, 2015 124 Duels

Suggested by Nsl98 Daredevil (Marvel) will go up against Batman (DC Comics) Scenario 1:  MCU DD, Nolanverse Bats Scenario 2:  Current Comic Versions Both fights are in NYC at night. Who wins? Related Posts: Team Justice Vs Team Chaos Daredevil… Read More »

Kill All Demigods

Kill All Demigods
By Rookie, May 20, 2015 88 Contest

Suggested by sadot06 Kill All Demigods Darquesse from Skullduggery Pleasant manages to open a portal to the Percy Jackson universe. After arriving she encounters a demigod trying to make it to Camp Half blood. He’s in a hurry because he’s… Read More »

Master Vs Joker

Master Vs Joker
By Rookie, May 19, 2015 19 Duels

Suggested by Sylar121 The Master, first time here (Doctor Who) will go up against The Joker (DC) Fight takes place in gotham, the master does not have his electric powers. Who will win? Related Posts: A Fight to Change the… Read More »

Kratos Vs Guts

Kratos Vs Guts
By Rookie, May 18, 2015 38 Duels

Suggested by hellboy147 Kratos (GoW) will go up against Guts (Berserk) Round 1: Regular Kratos vs Regular Guts Round 2: God of War Kratos vs Guts with Berserk Armour Battle starts at Rome, who will be the supreme warrior? Who… Read More »

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